Have you paid top dollar for training to find yourself in someone’s garage or perhaps surrounded by 100 students in a convention center viewing a technique from 100 yards in the back of the room by a big screen monitor with no personalized attention? Many of you have overpaid and been disappointed by permanent makeup and aesthetics beauty industry related training, no more! How about receiving great training with a limited number of students with direct instruction and supervision at a fair price?  

Kim has over 14 years of expertise in many areas of paramedical aesthetics, micropigmentation applications and aggressive skin care approaches. She is a certified micropigmentation instructor since 2008 and earned her first industry certification in 2003! Significantly, she is certified to conduct the rigorous State of Missouri 300 hour tattoo apprenticeship program!

For Florida Residents:

Kim routinely offers classes in all aspects of the aesthetics beauty services. Kim can train you for an exciting, rewarding and empowering new career in helping people look their best, their beautiful you!  Although not an exhaustive list here, Kim can train and certify you in eyebrow, eyeliner, and lip PMU techniques; scar revision and scar camouflage; micro-blading and micro-needling (known as collagen induction therapy [CIT]); 3-D areola restoration; and tattoo minimizing, lightening and correction.  

What will you pay, although the type of training, the time involved, and the materials used can all effect cost; and they are subject to change, you’ll pay approximately $100.00 per hour plus materials (travel, lodging and meals are at your cost)? When you see some in the aesthetics beauty industry charging $2000.00, $3000.00 and even $4000.00 for a DAY of training, or more for a COUPLE of DAYS of training, Kim’s price structure is exceptionally fair, with small class size usually less than five students and direct instruction and supervision with Kim at your side guiding you, your learning will be personalized, comprehensive and accelerated.

This is artistic work and it’s not for everyone, it requires a good eye, a steady hand and a good dose of creativity. Great training doesn’t always equal a student’s level of competence at the conclusion of training. The initial training is just the beginning of a long and rewarding journey helping people look their best, their beautiful you!   

Are you ready, give Kim a call…

For Missouri Residents:

The State of Missouri requires tattooists to undergo a 300 hour apprenticeship program. The program is broken down into lecture, theory and a significant amount of didactic (practical) training which will require models. You work with Kim to schedule your contact time. Kim has a studio in the greater Kansas City area, family, and makes frequent trips to Kansas City. Give Kim a call with your questions and build your training schedule today! The cost for the program has many moving parts, do you want to move through the program quickly, or over a period of months (recall, the program is 300 contact hours, if the program was conducted on a full-time basis or 40 hours per week, the quickest the training can be completed in just under eight weeks, actually, seven weeks and three days. Few people move through the program on a full-time basis.)?

Talk to Kim about your schedule and details of your Missouri tattoo training.