How is Permanent Makeup priced?
Expertise, high-quality work, difficulty level, time, and materials are all factors in pricing permanent makeup.
The pigments I use are hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested. They do not contain Iron Oxide and are MRI-safe. I also use the most advanced state-of-the-art application techniques and pain control management applications. You control the shape, color, and design; my goal is to help you “Be Your Best” while providing a safe and comfortable experience.
All prices are are subject to change, quoted pricing after a complimentary consultation is good for fourteen (14) days. A $50.00, 48 hour cancellation fee applies.

Beauty mark                                                      $199.00

Eyebrow, powered look                                     $799.00

Eyebrow, microblading                                      $699.00  (Simulated hair strokes)

Eyebrow, "shaded & bladed"                              $699.00  (A light powered fill with hair strokes)

Eyebrow, hair stroke (semi-permanent)            $399.00

Eyeliner, top & bottom                                      $499.00

Eyeliner, top or bottom                                     $399.00

Eyeliner, lash enhancement add on                   $99.00

Eyeliner, lash enhancement                               $299.00

Face lift scar camouflage                                   $499.00

Lip blush                                                            $799.00  (A light shading around the vermilion border)

Microneedling (depending upon area)               $399.00


3-D Areola restoration                                       by consultation only

Scar Revision                                                      by consultation only

Scar Camouflage                                                by consultation only

Tattoo Lightening and Correction                       by consultation only


Touch ups                                                          $149.00

Nonrefundable appointment fee                        $25.00 (Nonrefundable fee to hold your appointment time)