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Kimberly Hausmann

Certified Paramedical Aesthetician

Kimberly D. Hausmann is a State Licensed Tattooist & State Licensed Esthetician in Florida and Missouri. Certified Instructor, Certified Paramedical Aesthetician, and a Certified Paramedical Micropigmentation Specialist. She has been licensed and Insured since 2002.

Kimberly is currently enrolled to become a Certified Natural Health Professional with Trinity school of natural health. She is also completely her certification in becoming a Emotion Code Practitioner under Dr. Bradley Nelson. Progressive Aesthetics will be combing Emotional, Internal and External beautification procedures.


Kimberly with her student Elham, a Certified Micropigmentation Specialist who is working towards finishing her apprenticeship of becoming a Licensed Tattooist.

Kimberly has recognized the need for internal beauty and emotional wellness in addition to outer beauty. Her pursuit of continued knowledge and quality training has allowed her to provide excellent training classes. Progressive Aesthetics uses only the finest pigments that are Hypoallergenic and Dermatologist tested. Kimberly is proficient in the manual method and machine technique. When you arrive you will be provided with a complimentary consultation before each procedure. Kimberly’s style is classic and conservative. Less is more as we age.

Progressive Aesthetics will help you learn how to age healthy and gracefully.