Welcome to a more beautiful you!

We all want to feel special and beautiful, technology and medical advances are allowing us not only to live longer but also healthier lives. Society seems fixated on youth and beauty and I don’t need to tell you of all the techniques and procedures available for looking younger and more beautiful or handsome. Some of these procedures are very expensive with little long-term improvement, others are simply dangerous. Ladies and gentleman can benefit from the procedures I offer. Ladies, would you like permanent makeup, a more defined eyebrow or eye liner, perhaps a healthier and younger looking complexion? Gentleman, perhaps you have a scar, a birthmark, perhaps a history of acne or an old tattoo, I can minimize and hide these cosmetic nuisances? There is nothing more rewarding for me than a client leaving my studio jubilant regarding their procedure result. Let me help you look your best, a more beautiful you!

Kimberly Hausmann